Update | Happy Friday! It's Long Weekend!


Happy Friday! Despite the cloudy weather outside, everyone seems to have a pretty well plan for the upcoming long weekend. We are excited to offer our first memorial day promotion to our fans. VIP will receive their private email today and have early access to our special promotion. If you want to always stay ahead of the game, remember to fill out a short VIP form here so we can email you the special. 

What's better to have good music while having a nice bbq weekend (getaway). We are giving out complimentary album by East Coast Islands ($5 value) with every purchase. Their music is fun, casual and the best beats for having a good time! (Check out our collaboration music video feat. Ballad in Gb)

Finally it's the final days for our $50 giveaway. Head over to our Facebook page and sign up there. The next winner might be you!

Have a good weekend!




Men's Backstage Team