Brad Pitt

This month, we take a deep dive into Brad Pitt's latest photoshoot and interview with GQ Style


Kudos to the amazing stylist and photographer, this set of photo shoot is an amazing discovery... not only to the scenes in the U.S. national parks, but also to the vulnerabilities to Pitts. I encourage you to visit the GQ website and read about the interview. Below, these are the latest trends you can consider incorporating in this summer. 

The colorful floral trend


New colors, more colors

While blue and gray are men's favorite go to colors when buying new clothes, summer is the exact season where styles can go wild, include the choices of colors. Don't be afraid to wear colors, be sure to pair with matching tones bottoms, such as the dark brown khakis or lighter green chinos


floral print with masculinity

Not every man likes print. To many of them, floral print could be a bit of a risky move. Thank you for the adoption of festival lifestyle, no one is shy from displaying a bit of fun. For the grown ups, consider purchasing the ones with only one or two placement of the print (instead of the all over), pair with bottoms in similar tones and finish with a pair of sandals



I am minion...