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Men's Backstage

Men's Backstage is an online men's clothing and accessories boutique. We aim to celebrate and encourage creativity and expression of the self by connecting different creative mediums, such as music, art and other inspirational forms. We collaborate with variety of artists to produce refreshing content that demonstrates our combining aesthetic and influences

Behind the Scene

Founded by Dan Mou in 2014. He started his journey in fashion business dated back in 2007 and worked in different roles at production, operations, merchandising and project management. Prior to his venture at Men's Backstage, he started his very own fashion blog named Style4Gents. The blog quickly created influences within the industry and was awarded many partnerships with brands such as Warby Parker, Yue Tang and many more

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What We Carry

Men's Backstage strives to deliver a world class assortments with a balanced mix of everyday wear and contemporary styles in the menswear market. We are proud to carry inimitable products from aspiring local and international brands from all over the world

JACHS | 7 Diamonds | M.R.K.T. | Tankfarm Co. | WESC | Gsus

more brands coming soon...


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