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Men's Backstage x We Are The Wilderness - Apparitions (HD)


About this Collaboration

Returning for the much anticipated second season, Men's Backstage is proud to present you our new collaboration with the acclaimed electronic/indie band We Are The Wilderness. Featuring new single "Apparitions", the story about the death and alive, real and surreal, has sparkled some nerve wrecking moments during the video shoot. 

Inspired by the lyrics from the single, the music video is about escaping from the unwelcoming spirits between the modern and the haunted world. Except the fact that, the history of one of our shooting locations might suggest the possibilities of energetic footprints. Were we being watched during the filming? If so, how should we react when a scripted story became the reality? (Fortunately, no one was huanted at the scene...)

Showcasing our new Fall/Winter line, Shanda and Ryan from We Are The Wilderness carry some of our new exclusive accessories collection including backpacks, messenger bags and briefcase. The delightful collection is inspired by architectural concepts of clean and pure forms derived from function, structure, and experimental geometry. Made with felt, not only the material and production are animal environmental friendly, it is also water resistant and incredibly stylish and functional. 

Shop our new accessories collection here

*Special thanks to designer Rachel at Gregory Apparel for sponsoring all womenswear from its latest collection. Gregory Apparel was featured at Nolcha Fashion Week


Musical Collaboration with East Coast Islands

Men's Backstage x East Coast Islands - Ballad in Gb (HD)



About this collaboration

Men's Backstage is excited to partner with East Coast Islands (ECI) for our very first collaboration. East Coast Islands is a rising musical group known for its calypso punk rock style music. Presenting our summer collection with ECI's acoustic track Ballad in Gb, our creative production in Brooklyn, New York has officially introduced our men's boutique launch along with our mission to inspire individuals to connect with art and music. 

Featuring our new collection by Jachs NY  - The clothing brand is founded in 2008 and is now one of the hottest brands in the men's ready-to-wear market. Constantly mentioned by WWD, Time Out Magazine and THRILLIST, you may now find the highly demanded collection at Men's Backstage and get it delivered to your door step before the style runs out. 

Check out more about East Coast Islands at Backstage and see more behind the scenes. Remember to sign up our VIP pass so you can get the first hand release. 

Watch More East Coast Islands at Backstage

Watch More East Coast Islands at Backstage