The Exclusive Behind The Scenes Footage and Interview

Backstage with We Are The Wilderness


Backstage with East Coast Islands


Meet Our Talented Collaborators and Crew


Max Eisenkraft

Producer, guitarist and lead singer @ East Coast Islands

A year ago we met Max at his show in lower manhattan. Thanks to social media, it brought us the opportunity to reconnect and collaborate. Max certainly knows how to have a good time on site and is particularly proud of his brother Dylan's performance at the interview.  

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Dylan Eisenkraft

Drummer/Percussionist @ East Coast Islands

It is common to have a drum set in a band, but  steel drum isn't one of those typicals. The fact that the sound of steel drum floats across ECI's music defines their Calypso Punk Rock style.

Dylan was inspired at the interview session. 'Something about being asked questions about me and my music, made me learn even more about myself that I never even knew...It felt right'



Ryan Manchester

Multi-instrumentalist /producer @ We Are The Wilderness

Ryan's obsessions include music, craft beers and Star Trek! For untold reasons, he also received a new nickname as 'Robot Cop' during the shoot.

"There were early mornings, haunted afternoons, and picturesque evenings. It was a fun, yet challenging experience that brought out the best in the entire team!"

Website | Soundcloud

Shanda Woods

Singer/Lyricist @ We Are The Wilderness

Self described as compassionate, idealistic, creative, nerdy (major LOTR fan), and athletic, Shanda delivers her ideas through poetic lyrics. 

Unlike a regular video shoot, our collaboration is also an emotional journey for Shanda, "It was an experience we will never forget. There was laugher, tears, hauntings, and beers!"

Website | Soundcloud

Jeanette Huang

Fashion Designer

Being a good fashion designer means you have to be sensitive to every single detail. This time, Jeanette gratefully provides her assistance for our production including make up, styling and more importantly... 'making sure no cars drive us over while filming the interview'

Jeanette is currently a designer for a major womenswear label. 

Website | Instagram

Brendan Boettler


Brendan met Andy since 2011 when they became roommate in college. Their first project, My Time Has Passed, won the best picture in the 48 Hour Film Festival in their freshman year. 

Brendan is now working for corporate video production and continue his partnerships with Andy at their newly formed company. 


Andrew Schaffer

Video Production

Schaffer has previously worked on feature length films (Keep the Lights On) and television shows including a recent pilot for HBO. His favorite moment in this project was seeing some pedestrians paused their pace and enjoyed the live music played by our artists at the location of the shoot.

This video production also marks the first project for he and Brendan's newly announced company, Small Mountain Media.


JR Cronheim

Filmmaker - (Writer, Director, DP, Editor)

Working our Fall/Winter' 14 campaign wasn't an easy task, especially when we challenged our artists and crew at an abandoned (Very abandoned..) location. Thankfully, JR brought his A game and showed his dedications throughout the whole project

"It was a fantastic learning experience and I loved working with everyone involved.  I think even better than the professional bonds made were the personal friendships that came out of this project."

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Daisy Chan


Currently studying at F.I.T in New York, Daisy makes a pleasant impression with her skilled technique and focus on details. We decided to bring her talents to our production and in charge of all the wardrobe chaos throughout the shoot. 

Though it might be too early to tell, but given her artistic instincts and precise executions in fashion design and paintings, I am going to say we have a big star in the making.