Style Elevation with Ease

Let’s talk about the 5 simple ways to dress better this season!

  1. The power of a classic white shirt

    From Tommy Hilfiger to Michael Kors, their closet all shares one common trait - The uncountable amount of white shirts hanging on the rack. The reason is simple, it is the most versatile garment you can have to dress up or down, layer up or wear by itself. As the new generations of style moving towards more casual, you don’t need a mounting amount of white dress shirt. Instead, the classic style white shirt will do the work just fine

  2. The never ending comfort is within reach

    Athleisure has been obsessively labeled by Lululemon or other brands that your female friends who can’t stop talking about. As for men, it comes down to the basic crew neck that everyone loves. Wear it with comfort at home or pair that with jogger or jeans. Casual stroll on the street? Sat brunch? You are all covered

  3. layer up with a vest or hoodie

    It happened more than once. You look out the window, the sun is shining bright and the street reflects the sunlight that you have been missing for months. Then you walk out with your favorite tee shirt and realize the gusting wind has made the entire walk unbearable. The simple way (besides checking your phone or asking Alexa) is always come out with a little something to layer without actually the effect of burning up inside

  4. spring cleaning = get rid of these junky tee shirts

    T-shirts. I know… everyone has a million of them. But can we finally stop wearing the ones we bought from some college bookstore, or the ones we got for free from some conference, or the big quote that supposedly funny, or just a big sign that spells a vacation destination that you have been to a long time ago…? Turns out most of what we had is quite junky, but we are a bit of a hoarder and refuse to give them up for something much deserved the drawed. A good tee shirt speaks quality, design, and draws good attention in a subtle way. Enough with throwing Florida in my face…

  5. the denim shirt that takes you to the next level

    You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear denim top to bottom, and you don’t even have to wear denim bottom when you wear a denim shirt. It might take you a little out of comfort zone to wear a denim shirt with the animal prints, but the payout is great. Thank us later when you are done getting all the praise

  6. BONUS: The stylish contemporary haul

Introducing new styles - Frank studio Brief

Frank Studio Brief (Skyscraper Blue / Lake Blue) (LOW AVAILABILITIES)

Frank Studio Brief (Skyscraper Blue / Lake Blue) (LOW AVAILABILITIES)

Frank Studio Brief (Midnight Green / Iron) (SOLD OUT)

Frank Studio Brief (Midnight Green / Iron) (SOLD OUT)

We are excited to introduce a new collection into our Travel Bags collection - Frank Studio Brief. This small briefcase is a compact carry all and perfect for those who are looking for a bag to hold cameras or production, design equipment. Looking for a gift for yourself or someone else, be sure to add this to your cart before our stocks run out

(Update) Thank you for the overwhelming response towards the Frank Studio Brief, the Midnight Green version is now completely sold out while the Skyscraper Blue has only a few left available


We have selected a few jackets this year to get included in our winter collection. Both the Dastari (below) and Rami Jacket are our customers’ favorite! For those who are not favoring the cold weather, this is a great jacket to provide the sufficient coverage to keep warm and resist the snow outdoor. Pair that simply with your favorite tee shirt or sweater and your are ready to leave the house.

For those who have don’t mind showing off the biceps, opt in our Black Vest and pair that with a long sleeve henley. To finish your look, this versatile outfit can be easily combined with jogger, jeans or even suit pants depending your occasion


Embrace the winter with the right jacket

This masculine outer layer is every man’s must have in this chilling season

Rami Jacket (Blue Iris)

Rami Jacket (Blue Iris)

The Black Vest

The Black Vest